Commercial Kitchen Equipment

We can design, install & maintain a solution that works for you.

A flat top grill on top of a refrigerated base in a commercial kitchen

Trust AireCom to keep your commercial kitchen foodservice equipment up and running. Our team of expert technicians who perform installation, replacement and preventive maintenance on your HVAC and refrigeration equipment are cross-trained to provide the same high level of expert service for all of your hot-equipment as well.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Hoods & Ventilation
A commercial kitchen hood system above a chef preparing food

The worst thing for any chef is when the hood is not taking grease laden vapors up through the exhaust duct system or smoke from the hot grill is not properly captured and contained. When this happens, your restaurant will be dealing with chefs who are hot, coughing and distracted from what they do best, cook great food. AireCom has the expertise to diagnose and quickly correct the issues that keep your commercial kitchen from proper operation.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans and Make-Up Air
A commercial kitchen hood system

Balancing the air between the kitchen and dining area is critical for the comfort of your customers and an important part of energy savings. If your experiencing negative pressure (and doors are slamming shut), then your restaurant’s air flow isn’t working like it should. This is most likely due to an issue with your hood’s exhaust fan. We can correct these problems or, if needed, design a system that keeps your kitchen staff as well as customers happy and energy costs down.

Depend on AireCom for Quick Response, Service and Repair of:
  • Hoods
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Ventilation & Make-Up Air
  • Walk-Ins & Refrigeration
  • Ice Machines
  • Hot-Kitchen Equipment

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